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This is my professional "resume" and game developement blog.  


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Martin Jajam Bio

Martin Jajam is a game industry veteran. With over 16 years in the industry, and hobby programming since he was a child, Martin has shipped over 20 titles professionally.

His credits include director of technology, lead programmer, and designer. He was the lead on the multi million seller “World Championship Poker” (PS2, Xbox) . He has also worked on other “Sony greatest Hits” titles including one of the first PS2 online titles, “Deer Hunter”.

His work ranges from large teams, to solo titles, including “Celebrity Deathmatch” (PSX), which passed Sony QA without a single A,B, or C bug.

Martin has contributed to industry standard API’s such as Renderware and Gamespy. Martin has worked on most major platforms, including the N3DS, PS3, X360, Wii, PS2, Xbox, GameCube, PSX, Saturn, and PC. Martin has worked as both a contractor and a consultant with several companies.

Aside from the game industry, Martin is a published biologist; former elite level kickboxer, and personal trainer.

Professional Interest

- Firefighting. If the fan is smeared and you need a guy to come in with a boatload of practical clean it up and get it done experience... I'm always up for that challenge.